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1st Molar 'narrow' Starter-Kit (40 Crowns) - NuSmile ZR Zirconia

1st Molar 'narrow' Starter-Kit (40 Crowns) - NuSmile ZR Zirconia


NuSmile® ZR represents the perfect balance between art and science. Made from high-grade monolithic zirconia ceramic, NuSmile ZR looks like the real thing and is 9 times stronger than natural teeth. Easy to place, NuSmile ZR offers the highest esthetics to satisfy the most demanding clinicians and parents. Our latest crown offers superior durability to last until the tooth exfoliates without needing any ongoing repairs. The translucency of our zirconia ceramic has been optimized for both natural esthetics and to prevent dark stump show through, ensuring continued satisfaction with the restoration over time. NuSmile ZR – pediatric crowns made perfect.


DUR1 – 2x       DUL1 – 2x       DLR1 – 2x       DLL1 – 2x

DUR2 – 2x       DUL2 – 2x       DLR2 – 2x       DLL2 – 2x

DUR3 – 2x       DUL3 – 2x       DLR3 – 2x       DLL3 – 2x

DUR4 – 2x       DUL4 – 2x       DLR4 – 2x       DLL4 – 2x

DUR5 – 2x       DUL5 – 2x       DLR5 – 2x       DLL5 – 2x

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1st Molar D 'narrow' Starter Kit - 40 Crowns | Extra Light

Sku: 132023

1 Piece | 
€ 960.00

1st Molar D 'narrow' Starter Kit - 40 Crowns | Light

Sku: 152023

1 Piece | 
€ 960.00