Anterior and Cuspid Crowns Starter Kit (36 Kronen) - NuSmile Signature

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The Starter Kit provides you with all the crowns that you need to treat pediatric upper anteriors including cuspids. The aesthetic result is excellent and will astound your little patients' parents. A complete inventory of 36 pediatric crowns in total. Choose from regular or short crowns. Light or Extra-Light colour available.


A1 - 2x     B1 - 2x     C0 - 2x

A2 - 4x     B2 - 2x     C1 - 4x

A3 - 4x     B3 - 4x     C2 - 2x

A4 - 2x     B4 - 4x

A5 - 2x     B5 - 2x

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