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Caramel Lover’s Collection

Caramel Lover’s Collection

Calling all caramel lovers! This Collection offers sugar free caramel candy with real caramel flavor and texture without artificial sweeteners. Caramel Lover's Collection is an indulgent mix of Xylitol caramel treats includes Butterscotch, Cafe Caramel, Vanilla Swirl and Chocolate Swirl caramels. If you're looking for sugar free caramel treat, look no further than the candies included in this amazing assortment.


Flavors: Butterscotch Bliss, Café Caramel, Chocolate Swirl, Vanilla Swirl
Info: with sweeteners, individually wrapped

Sku: 5590817 003

Nutrition facts and product details 
approx. 125 pcs. (1134g) | 
€ 29.91
(€ 2.64/100 g)