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Cool Cassette™ Instrument Container

Cool Cassette™ Instrument Container

Our exclusive Cool Cassettes will change how you feel about instrument cassettes—literally! As the world’s first flexible silicone instrument containers, Cool Cassettes will save your hands from heat and sharp edges, save workspace, save instruments from scratches&mdash.

Smooth, soft-touch Cool Cassettes are superior to metal cassettes in many ways:

- Cooler—Solid silicone construction dissipates heat faster than steel for faster removal from the autoclave.

-Safer—No sharp edges that can tear gloves and pouches, or injure hands.

-Quieter—No metal surfaces to create noise, scratch instruments or mirrors.

-Easier to open—Snap on lids “peel off” easily yet hold securely. Two safety bands included add extra security when storing the containers on their sides.

-More compact—Lids stack underneath to reduce tray workspace requirements. -

Longer-lasting—No hinges, locks or moving parts to break.

-More colorful—Color-coded for operatory or instrument set-ups.

-Lighter—10% lighter weight than equivalent steel cassettes.

Due to their solid silicone construction, interior instrument saddles can be cut with scissors to accommodate large-handled instruments, if desired. All containers hold instruments up to 7 1/8" long. Cool Cassettes are available in Clean Green, Pure Purple or True Blue colors. Cool Cassette 5 Instrument Container includes one A-W syringe tip clip.

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