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ECOsply Biodegradable Mixing Bowls 50 pcs

ECOsply Biodegradable Mixing Bowls 50 pcs

ECOsply mixing bowls easy to use and grip!

ECOsply Biodegradable Mixing Bowls offer the flex and smooth inside finish of rubber mixing bowls with one major difference: disposability!

Mix alginate, stone, or plaster without stopping to clean the mixing bowl or your sink drain. Food-grade, moisture-resistant bowls feature a smooth inside surface for fast mixing, and a textured outer surface for a secure grip. Inner contour matches spatula blade shape to help eliminate dry spots.

Made from a 100 percent biodegradable plant refuse fiber that composts within 45 days.

Earth-friendly manufacturing process.

4 3/4 diameter.

50 bowls per package.

Sku: 7136310

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€ 23.10