Medical Face Masks Typ II 'SoSoft'

€ 7.49
1 pack |
Package content: 50 masks

Halyard Fog-Free Procedure Mask

Fog-Free medical mask TYP II nach EN 14683:2019 .

Bacterial filtration efficiency – BFE: ≥ 98%
Pressure difference and breathing resistance < 40 pa/cm²
Splash resistance pressure: ≥ 16.0 kPa 

SoSoft provides better protection against skin irritation than conventional masks. It is white, does not contain any chemical binders or dyes. The SoSoft logo is on the outer layer to ensure that the correct layer is worn towards the face. The pores of conventional inner layers made from fleece material, such as rayon, can become blocked and cause irritation in the case of people with sensitive skin. SoSoft has a new, fleece-free and completely smooth inner layer, BICoSoft, which is made from a two-component material. A special filter also prevents glasses steaming up and counteracts irritation caused by the build-up of warm, moist air.

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