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Futurabond DC

Futurabond DC

Dual-curing self-etch-bond reinforced with nano-fillers


  • Direct self- or dual-curing composite restorations and core build-ups
  • Direct light-curing restoration with composite-, compomer- and ORMOCER based restoratives
  • Adhesive luting of root pins / posts with dual or self-curing composite cements
  • Indirect restoration when using dual- and self-curing resin cements for luting of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges


  • Chemical-curing in areas inaccessible with a curing light
  • Futurabond DC achieves the same adhesive properties as total-etch preparations without separate etching of the tooth substance
  • Moisture-tolerant
  • Durable marginal integrity
  • Easy and fast application – one-coat, one-cure technique
  • Contains fluorides
  • No refrigerated storage needed
  • Ideal for paediatric use

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Futurabond DC

Endo Tim, application brushes

Sku: 2246

Endo Tim, application brushes, to be used in the root canal, 50 pcs. | 
€ 16.66

Futurabond DC

Single Tim, application brushes

Sku: 2247

Single Tim, application brushes, 100 pcs. | 
€ 10.79

Futurabond DC

Mixing palettes

Sku: 2315

Mixing palettes, 20 pcs. | 
€ 7.52