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Instrument Cleaner

Instrument Cleaner

Developed by a hygienist, the instrument cleaner is a simple piece of soft foam with a piece of double-sided tape on the back and grooves or slots on the top. The hygienist removes the sheet covering and then makes the determination where he or she wants to place it. The instrument cleaner can be placed: On the back of the Hygienists’ glove, On the patient bib, On the tray, On the handle of the mirror, or on Any other convenient place. Once the instrument is loaded with debris from the teeth, the Hygienist runs the instrument through the slots on the instrument cleaner and the debris is left inside the foam pad. If it is placed on the glove, when the glove is removed, the instrument cleaner stays inside the glove and gets disposed of along with the glove.  Another time saving idea is to place some topical anesthetic on one corner of the cleaner where it will be handy for anesthetizing a patient's sensitive area.

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