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Ketac Universal Aplicap (Glasionomer Restorative)

Ketac Universal Aplicap (Glasionomer Restorative)

Ketac™ Universal Aplicap™ enables fast, easy, one step, strong and fluoride releasing restoration.

  • One-step placement—no conditioning, coating or light-curing steps to slow the procedure down
  • Stress-bearing properties enable extended indications
  • Continous fluoride release for 24 months

Fast, easy and strong Glass Ionomer Restorative Solution.

  • No need for conditioner or coating
  • Bulk fill - no need for layering
  • Enables fast, one-step, stress bearing restorative solutions
  • Extended indications for use compared to other glass ionomer materials
  • Low stickiness allows an easy placement
  • Continuously releases fluoride for 24 months
  • Self-adhesive
  • Self-cure
  • Available in 6 shades
  • Radiopaque


  • Linings for single- and multi-surface composite fillings
  • Core build-up prior to crown placement
  • Primary tooth fillings
  • Restricted stress-bearing Class I and Class II restorations*
  • Cervical fillings
  • Single- and multi-surface temporary fillings
  • Fissure sealing
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Ketac Universal Aplicap (Glasionomer Restorative)

Aplicap Activator

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Ketac Universal Aplicap (Glasionomer Restorative)

Aplicap Applier

Sku: 73050

Applier | 
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