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MTA Repair HP from Angelus

MTA Repair HP from Angelus

Bioceramic based high-plasticity reparative cement.

Angelus' MTA Repair HP endo restorative cement is a bioceramic material that has a high plasticity, with tungstate of calcium & organic plasticizer. Its release of Ca ions allow for the formation of reminerilization of tissue. Due to its composition, this product is more radiopaque than dentine and bone (nearly matches that of gutta percha).

What is the difference between ANGELUS MTA and MTA REPAIR HP?

The difference is in the replacement of distilled water by a liquid that contains water and another organic plasticizer that gives the product high plasticity. The replacement of the radiopacifier (from Bismuth Oxide to Calcium Tungstate), ensuring the absence of dental discoloration.

The new formula allows easy handling and application into the cavity after hydration.

  • New formula: a much easier manipulation and insertion into the dental cavity after hydration

  • Initial setting time of 15 minutes: allowing the completion of treatment in a single session

  • Low solubility: more prolonged action and quicker tissue healing

  • Setting expansion: high marginal sealing capability which prevents the migration of microorganisms and fluids into the root canal

  • Regeneration stimuli: excellent biological sealing of root perfforation (canal and furcation) including the formation of periradicular cement

  • Pulp regeneration: induces the formation of a dentin barrier when used on pulp exposures

  • Hydrophilic: enable ist use in humid conditions without changing ist properties


Endodontics: for accidents and endodontic complications.

General Clinic: for direct pulp capping.

Pediatric dentistry: for pulpotomy.

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2 powder capsules with 0.085 g each and 2 flasks á 0.25 ml | 
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