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Nusmile Preparation Bur Kit

Nusmile Preparation Bur Kit

Includes the following:

2 - Carbide burs #330, used for decay removal, for the reduction of incisal edge, or to break the interproximal contacts.

1 - Football Diamond bur #5368-023, used for gross supra-gingival posterior tooth reduction, or for the prominent lingual surface reduction of incisors.

1 - Coarse Diamond tapered bur #5855-012, used for both anterior and posterior gross supra-gingival tooth reduction, or for buccal tooth reduction for posterior zirconia and pre-veneered crowns

1 - Thin Tapered Diamond bur #6852-012, used to break interproximal contacts, or for circumferential and sub-gingival feather-edge tooth preparation for anterior and posterior zirconia and pre-veneered crowns

1 - Finishing Diamond (fine grit) bur #134F-014, used for minimal reduction and sub-gingival extension of the tooth preparation, or for fine-tuning the prepared tooth if desired

Contains 6 burs

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