ProphyPaste CCS

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Prophy Paste CCS is second to none in performance, handling and dispensing. The unique non-splattering, homogeneous formula does not dry out, liquify or separate. Thick layers of plaque and stains are easily removed leaving a fresh and smooth minty sensation after each treatment. Packed in easy to dispense, colour coded tubes and single dose disposable cups.

Available in 4 different gritsfrom coarse to extra-fine. Contains 0,1% fluoride.



Blue, coarse. RDA 250, equal to 125 Micron.

Content 60 ml or 96 g.

For discoloured surfaces and thick layers of plaque


Green, medium. RDA 170, equal to 70 Micron.

Content 60 ml or 97 g.

For thick layers of plaque and discoloured surfaces


Red, fine. RDA 120, equal to 20 Micron.

Content 60 ml or 84 g.

For small amount of plaque, root surfaces and lightly discoloured teeth


Yellow, extra fine. RDA 40, equal to 2 Micron.

Content 60 ml or 84 g

Low abrasion ideal for polish in patients with cervical toothbrush abrasion lesions

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