Stainless Steel Crown Professional Kit

€ 780.00
240 crowns |
Package content: Professional Kit with 2 cases (each case 120 crowns for 1st and 2nd Primary, five each of sizes 2-7)

Preformed stainless steel crown from NuSmile for a better fit and shorter working time. The highly polished surface reduces plaque and the shape of the crown provides a functional occlusal anatomy. If necessary, the crowns can be easily trimmed and contoured. The gingival occlusal height, however, requires less "trimming" than would be necessary with other crowns. Surgical 316 stainless steel, lasered, autoclavable ID on the lingual side of the crowns. All in all, an exceptionally high-quality stainless steel crown that leaves nothing to be desired.


DUR2  5x  DUL2  5x    EUR2  5x  EUL2  5x
DLR2  5x  DLL2  5x    ELR2  5x  ELL2  5x
DUR3  5x  DUL3  5x    EUR3  5x  EUL3  5x
DLR3  5x  DLL3  5x    ELR3  5x  ELL3  5x
DUR4  5x  DUL4  5x    EUR4  5x  EUL4  5x
DLR4  5x  DLL4  5x    ELR4  5x  ELL4  5x
DUR5  5x  DUL5  5x    EUR5  5x  EUL5  5x
DLR5  5x  DLL5  5x    ELR5  5x  ELL5  5x
DUR6  5x  DUL6  5x    EUR6  5x  EUL6  5x
DLR6  5x  DLL6  5x    ELR6  5x  ELL6  5x
DUR7  5x  DUL7  5x    EUR7  5x  EUL7  5x
DLR7  5x  DLL7  5x    ELR7  5x  ELL7  5x
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