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Tangy Melon Mints

Tangy Melon Mints

Ease the symptoms of dry mouth and tame your sweet tooth with a dose of cavity-fighting xylitol; all while enjoying the natural sweet and tangy flavor of melon – Tangy Melon xylitol tablets offer big flavor in a small package. These mouthwatering candies quickly dissolve into a bright, tangy, and juicy melon flavor on your tongue, alleviating the symptoms of dry mouth – and a convenient pocket-sized container makes it possible to bring these small, refreshing xylitol tablets with you on the go! In addition to being an excellent candy for dry mouth symptoms, tangy melon tablets offer natural flavors, are gluten-free and safe for diabetics under the consultation of a physician. With 85 pieces per container, you can relieve dry mouth and tame your sweet tooth at the same time! Single containers and 10-packs available.
Info: with sweeteners

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Nutrition facts and product details 
10x 85 pastilles (425g) | 
€ 34.58
(€ 8.14/100 g)