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Tumbled Gemstones

Tumbled Gemstones

Tumbled Gemstones are round stones, which rub each other smooth in a large polishing barrel and are very pleasant to hold in the hand. There is an extensive selection of different types of stones in the range.

Info: Fill the lucky dip with tumbled gemstones and use it in the context of treating children. Tell the children that the sack contains a very special magic stone that will become warm when held in their hands. The children reach into the sack during treatment and attempt to locate this special stone using only their fingers. When the children have selected a stone, they then hold it in their hands inside the sack to see if it becomes warm in the course of the treatment. When the treatment session is complete, the children are allowed to remove the stone and examine it. The children are then allowed to keep the stone as a talisman. Suitable for children aged 4 to 8.

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