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Vitapex is a calcium hydroxide and iodoform paste for root canal treatment. Quick and simple to apply, convenient syringe containing premixed paste eliminates messy mixing, excellent accessibility to apex, plunger syringe dispenses chemically and physically stable highly radiopaque paste, excellent antibacterial and bacteriostic properties. Excellent for baby teeth as the paste is absorbable and does not affect renewable teeth.

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Product Name Price Qty

Vitapex Set

Sku: 7092812 VNY

1 syringe x 2g of paste, 20 disposable tips | 
€ 69.00

Vitapex Refill

Sku: 7092812 VNYB

1 Syringe x 2g of paste | 
€ 55.00

Vitapex Micro Applicator Tips

Sku: 7092812 VNYC

40 tips | 
€ 32.00

Intro Kit

Sku: 7092812 VNYI

1 syringe x 0.5g of paste, 3 disposable tips | 
€ 49.00