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Zooby Prophy Paste - fine 100 pcs.

Zooby Prophy Paste - fine 100 pcs.

The perfect complement to popular Zooby Prophy Angles, Zooby Prophy Paste makes prophies more fun! The paste features an optimal formulation of abrasives and adhesive properties designed for low splatter and great stain removal. Contains 1.23% fluoride and xylitol. Gluten-free. Each package of Zooby Prophy Paste also contains a cute, autoclavable Zooby animal prophy paste gripper. Grippers rest between fingers to hold the paste cup with ease. 100 unit cups per package in six assorted flavours: melon, bubble gum, cake, chocolate, grape and spearmint.

Sku: 7018460 FINE

100 pcs. | 
€ 17.45