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KinderDent and dental medicine

Since the late 1990s we have been a specialist provider of innovative products for age-appropriate and gentle dental care for children. Ever since founding the company, our aim has been to promote children’s dental health by supporting dentists in providing child-appropriate treatment and advice in their clinics.  We understand the importance of dental care at this age and how to provide child-appropriate treatment.

Why children’s dentistry?

Milk teeth must be healthy to enable healthy permanent teeth to develop.  Through regular check-ups, children’s dentistry aims to keep milk teeth healthy to ensure natural dentition changes and avoid misalignment of teeth. Normal dentition changes determine the correct form of the permanent teeth later. Children’s dentistry includes all measures to maintain the health of children and young people and has a strongly preventative focus.

Children and their milk teeth

The treatment of milk teeth should be taken as seriously as that of the adult teeth. For example, if milk teeth are extracted due to cavities, the bite can change, which can cause a speech impediment.  Also, a rotten milk tooth can cause chronic tooth disease which damages the foundation for the permanent teeth.  To prevent possible poisoning of the child’s body, the milk teeth need to be treated properly in good time.

Many dental treatments and concepts that are applied to adults are not appropriate for children. Children aren’t just small adults. 

The following points apply to dental treatment for children:

  1. Children have a milk bite and a permanent bite. The bite develops. 
  2. In childhood the foundations develop for anxiety about going to the dentist. The  psychological circumstances surrounding treating children are considerably different from adult psychology.
  3. With children it’s vital to impart the necessity of mouth hygiene, because it is in childhood that the foundations are laid for looking after teeth into old age. 

When treating children, the key thing is to enable and carry out dental care and then to avoid future tooth damage through prevention and prophylaxis.

KinderDent products

Our carefully selected products are practise proven and can be integrated quickly and simply into your practise and care. The comprehensive selection of items ranges from the child-centred design of waiting rooms to special products for prophylaxis, dental restoration, endodontics and crowning milk teeth. Having distractions and give-aways for children helps to overcome their anxieties and give them a good feeling about visiting the dentist.

You can now find our products not only in your trusted children’s dentistry catalogue, but also in our new online shop on this website. In addition to our range of current catalogues you will find new products and discounted remainders.

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