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From the USA - DryShield-Autoclavable All-in-One-Isolation System - helps with reduction of aerosols    

           ONE SIMPLE DEVICE THAT DOES IT ALL                                                                                                 before-after
    DryShield: The autoclavable All-in-one-Isolation System 


       Engineered to be fully autoclavable.                                           

      - DryShield is amazingly easy to install in only a few simple steps - no special equipment needed.
      - DryShield has been designed to achieve unmatched suction.

      - The mouthpiece is constructed from soft, smooth and flexible silicone material that contours comfortably to a patient’s mouth.
      - The multiple holes and passageways in the mouthpiece efficiently direct air and water flow for increased patient safety.
      - Each mouthpiece size features a matching interchangeable bite block, giving the patient a firm place to rest.

     DryShield performs all of the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue guard and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. It’s an intelligent breakthrough in isolation, bringing unmatched levels of ease and  comfort to doctors and patients alike.



kid-picPractice dentistry like never before.
The working area keeps dry, clean and visible. By removing the normal barriers to getting your work done without a flurry of motion from your dental assistant, you’ll be able to work more efficiently. DryShield frees you to work without constraints, while your assistant stays steps ahead, streamlining each procedure. Remarkably, DryShield dentists are seeing chair time reduced by an average of 25-40% per procedure (you can to do two-quadrant dentistry). Patients are enjoying a more comfortable experience as well as shorter appointments.

+ Increase efficency and productivity + Allows assistants to multi-task + Shortens procedure times + 2-quadrant dentistry + Increase visibility + Improve patient experience + Enhances patient safety

The device and all individual components can be found under the category: Treatment Auxiliary - Saliva Control (there you can also download brochures and user guide).

A demonstration video on the application of DryShield






 New - the TOP NuSmile NeoMTA

  as NeoMTA Sample:  0,5g Pulver | Art.-Nr.: 2060 | € 24,90

   Introduction Kit 1,0 g Powder | Art.-Nr.: 2070 | € 45,50

   Starter Kit: 2,5g Powder | Art.-Nr.: 2080 | € 99,00



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„For our practice, KinderDent is a reliable partner for all products and materials we need for high-quality pediatric dentistry.“

Dr. Tania Roloff and Monika Quick-Arntz, Dentistry for children, Hamburg/Germany

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