Bambino Acrylic tooth for pedodontic prosthesis.

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Bambino Tooth

These synthetic primary teeth can be used whenever a gap of more than one tooth needs to be bridged.


Suitable as space holder (to maintain the correct aesthetic and articulation linearity).

Suitable for aesthetic remaking.

Suitable for articular rehabilitation.

Please note: Bambino Tooth is available in two shades: 59 (milk-white) and 61 (yellow-white).

Offered in two moulds:
upper and lower anterior shade 59 and 61 x 6 pcs each
upper and lower posterior 59 and 61 x 4 pcs eac


The most compelling reasons for filling the gap that is left when children lose their front teeth have to do with aesthetics and psychology. If parents express the wish to have their child's front teeth replaced so that the child will look 'normal' and avoid being teased by other children or – much more likely – insensitive adults, a dentist can accept the rationale as understandable and provide treatment after informing the parents of the various alternatives. It is advisable to offer patients under the age of three and who have lost more than two front teeth (but not more than four front teeth) a space maintainer that is cemented in place. The children's 'fixed aesthetic space maintainer' (FASM) can be produced easily and is well accepted by children and parents. The space maintainer consists of two orthodontic bands for primary teeth that are attached to the second primary molars and are joined by a palatinal arch. Retainers that have been soldered to the arch carry the small primary front teeth. The children's FASM is set in place using conventional orthodontic band cements (e.g. Ketac–cem). The device needs to be checked regularly (twice annually) and may need to be re-cemented, just as in the case of other fixed orthodontic devices. The device is then removed once the lower permanent teeth have emerged and one can expect the upper teeth to emerge soon.

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