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Clinpro Sealant

Clinpro Sealant

Light-cure sealant for enamel pits and fissures. It represents effective protection for the early prevention of caries. Clinpro sealant can be applied directly to the tooth, simply and neatly, with a hand syringe. A unique feature that makes your work easier is the innovative colour-change technology: when Clinpro sealant is first applied to the tooth surface, it is pink, but it changes to an opaque tooth shade when exposed to light. The clearly visible pink colour helps you to measure out the material and apply it evenly during the sealing process. The sealant flows smoothly thanks to its relatively low viscosity. Releases fluorides.

Product Name Price Qty

Clinpro Sealant

Clinpro Sealant - Intro Pack Syringe

Sku: 2755

Intro Pack: 2 x 1.2 ml Syringe, sealer, 3 ml etch gel, accessories | 
€ 35.90

Clinpro Sealant

Clinpro Sealant - Refill Pack Syringe, Sealer, Application Tips

Sku: 2757

Refill: 1.2 ml Syringe, sealer + 20 application sleeves | 
€ 12.90

Clinpro Sealant

Clinpro Sealant - Bottle Sealers

Sku: 2758

Refill: 6 ml sealer bottle | 
€ 36.90

Clinpro Sealant

Clinpro Sealant - Sealer Application Syringes

Sku: 2759

Refill: 10 sealer application syringes | 
€ 4.40

Clinpro Sealant

Clinpro Sealant Intro Kit Bottle

Sku: 12631

Intro Pack: 2 x 6 ml bottles Clinpro Sealant, 1 x 9 ml bottle Scotchbond Etching Gel, 2 x brush holder handles, 60 x brush heads, 50 x applicators, 1 x mixing well | 
€ 105.14