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Denovo Stainless Steel Crowns Kit

Denovo Stainless Steel Crowns Kit

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These prefabricated Denovo steel crowns are not preformed. The occlusal fissure relief has been left flat to ensure excellent occlusion. The fact that the crowns are not preformed means that they can be individually adapted. The crowns are available in sets for primary 4s and 5s (56 crowns)as well as for six-year molars (64 crowns) . Additional crowns can be ordered individually.

1st Permanent Kit    1st Primary Kit    2nd Primary Kit
6UR1  2x   6LR1  2x   DUR1  2x   DLR1  2x   EUR1  2x   ELR1  2x
6UL1  2x   6LL1  2x   DUL1  2x   DLL1  2x   EUL1  2x   ELL1  2x
6UR2  2x   6LR2  2x   DUR2  2x   DLR2  2x   EUR2  2x   ELR2  2x
6UL2  2x   6LL2  2x   DUL2  2x   DLL2  2x   ELR2  2x   ELL2  2x
6UR3  2x   6LR3  2x   DUR3  2x   DLR3  2x   EUR3  2x   ELR3  2x
6UL3  2x   6LL3  2x   DUL3  2x   DLL3  2x   EUL3  2x   ELL3  2x
6UR4  2x   6LR4  2x   DUR4  2x   DLR4  2x   EUR4  2x   ELR4  2x
6UL4  2x   6LL4  2x   DUL4  2x   DLL4  2x   EUL4  2x   ELL4  2x
6UR5  2x   6LR5  2x   DUR5  2x   DLR5  2x   EUR5  2x   ELR5  2x
6UL5  2x   6LL5  2x   DUL5  2x   DLL5  2x   EUL5  2x   ELL5  2x
6UR6  2x   6LR6  2x   DUR6  2x   DLR6  2x   EUR6  2x   ELR6  2x
6UL6  2x   6LL6  2x   DUL6  2x   DLL6  2x   EUL6  2x   ELL6  2x
6UR7  2x   6LR7  2x   DUR7  2x   DLR7  2x   EUR6  2x   ELR6  2x
6UL7  2x   6LL7  2x   DUL7  2x   DLL7  2x   ELR7  2x   ELL7  2x
6UR8  2x   6LR8  2x
6UL8  2x   6LL8  2x
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1st Primary Kit

Sku: 902100

1 Piece | 
€ 248.87

2nd Primary Kit

Sku: 902200

1 Piece | 
€ 248.87

1st Permanent Kit

Sku: 902300

1 Piece | 
€ 281.47