Baby Finger Toothbrush in practical box

€ 12.45
18 pieces |
(€ 0.69 / piece)

Suitable for babies up to 18 month.

These finger toothbrushes made of very soft silicone are perfect for cleaning baby's first teeth.

-for soothing massage during teething
-for gentle cleaning of the first teeth and gums
-made of extra soft silicone - comfortable for baby's sensitive mouth area

Application: Place the baby finger toothbrush firmly over mom or dad's fingertip, then moisten and massage the gums and clean baby's first milk teeth. The massage stimulates blood circulation and reduces itching during teething. The child is also introduced to dental care in a pleasant way.
Warnings - CAUTION: Use only by adults. Do not leave with the child, do not store within reach of children - risk of suffocation! The fingerstall must be firmly attached to the finger and must not come loose. Under no circumstances should you put it on the child's finger! Check this product before each use. Throw it away immediately at the first sign of damage or defects. Please coordinate the use of dental care products with your dentist.

Please keep this product information.
Cleaning/Care: The fingerbrush should be boiled before first use. Clean thoroughly with hot water after each use or as needed. Replace every 3 weeks for hygiene and safety reasons.

Each transparent finger toothbrushes in practical colorful storage boxes. 18 pcs colorful mixed.

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