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The perfect combination for your prophylaxis: Flairesse

Flairesse gel and foam

You can choose between gel and foam (child-friendly flavours Strawberry and Melon). What's your preference or what does your patient prefer? Children, for example, love Flairesse foam for its great sensation in the mouth.

No matter which version, both are really easy to apply and effective in their application. Gel and foam form a protective layer on the tooth's surface. They promote remineralization and inhibit demineralization.

  • Increase enamel resistance against acid attacks
  • Contain xylitol and fluoride (12.300 ppm)
  • Do not drip
  • Short application time: only 1 minute
  • fresh flavors: Melon and Strawberry
  • Can be used in a try

Flairesse paste (Flavour Melon)

Flairesse Prophylaxis paste removes discolorations, and plaque and it polishes the tooth's surface. The patient feels the results immediately.

Three different grits – coarse, medium, fine – allow adjusting the degree of abrasion precisely.
Very gentle: Flairesse does not cause any unnecessary abrasion of the tooth's structure and restoration surfaces. The paste contains fluoride and is free of known allergens.

  • For a perfect cleaning and polishing effect
  • Does not splatter
  • 3 different grits
  • fresh flavors: Melon
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride (12.300 ppm)
  • Free from known allergens


Product Name Price Qty


Flairesse Prophylaxis-Foam Melon

Sku: 220409

Can 125g, Melon | 
€ 47.29


Flairesse Prophylaxis-Gel Strawberry

Sku: 220413

Bottle 480 ml, Strawbeery | 
€ 47.29


Flairesse Prophylaxis-Gel Melon

Sku: 220412

Bottle 480 ml, Melon | 
€ 47.29


Flairesse Prophylaxis-Paste fine Melon

Sku: 220423

Tube 75 ml Paste Melon, fine | 
€ 13.85


Flairesse Prophylaxis-Paste medium Melon

Sku: 220424

Tube 75 ml Paste Melon, medium | 
€ 13.85


Flairesse Prophylaxis-Paste coarse Melon

Sku: 220425

Tube 75 ml Paste Melon, coarse | 
€ 13.85