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Forendo™ Paste Pack 2,2 g Syringe

Forendo™ Paste Pack 2,2 g Syringe


  • Strong antibacterial action – pH > 12
  • Non-setting
  • Radiopaque


A calcium hydroxide paste with iodoform in a silicone oil base, Forendo Paste is a dressing for routine use between office visits to disinfect root canals and for complicated cases when extended calcium hydroxide therapy is indicated. Forendo Paste can be used to treat infected root canals, abscesses and periapical lesions, traumatic injuries, root resorption, fractures and perforations, pus, hemorrhage, exudation and weeping canals. Forendo Paste disinfects canals, prevents flare-ups, promotes periapical healing and stimulates apexification and apexogenesis.

Forendo Paste can be used alone as a temporary canal disinfectant, in conjunction with gutta percha for permanent filling, and for vital pulpectomies in deciduous teeth. Forendo Paste is a non-setting, premixed paste that contains calcium hydroxide and iodoform in a silicone oil base. It has a pH>12 and is radiopaque.

Treatment of Primary Teeth:
It is not necessary to remove Forendo Paste from the root canal. The material will resorb with the  roots in deciduous teeth.

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Pack: 1 x 2,2 g Syringe + 20 applicator tips | 
€ 34.95