from 7 Years Ultra Soft Toothbrushes

€ 19.90
36 pieces |
(€ 0.55 / piece)


This special toothbrush with ultra-soft PRO-SLIM filaments (diameter only 0.10 mm, made in Germany) prevents cleaning damage and is uniquely gentle on the gums and teeth.

The filaments bring rich foam, clean all areas of the teeth very efficiently and remove plaque optimally, without pressure when brushing.

The bristles are protected by the cap, which perfectly matches the toothbrush head.

The ergonomic angular non-slip handle prevents slipping and makes it comfortable to use.

The plastic toothbrush holder as a base allows the toothbrush to be parked in 2 ways after brushing. It can be placed vertically or laid down to dry unhindered.

It is suitable for children from the age of 7. But it can also be used by adults.

The brush head is only 2.4 cm long and 1.2 cm wide and has 39 tufts.

4 colours mixed.

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