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Dental Hygiene Demo Puppet Crocodile large

Dental Hygiene Demo Puppet Crocodile large

The adorable puppet brings fun to oral hygiene instruction. This plush puppet has a full set of teeth and is ideal for demonstrating how to clean your teeth.

Entertaining and educational, it helps children learn good oral hygiene habits and the need for prophylaxis. Using a demonstration puppet makes it easy to show younger patients how much fun brushing their teeth can be.

Beautifully large, the puppet will make any treatment room shining and interesting. The puppet help to leave a lasting positive impression on the dental visit!

- Puppet size sitting: approx. 40 cm high, 30 cm wide
- Inclusiv one oversized toothbrush

Sku: 600 KD

1 Puppet approx. 40 cm, incl. 1x overzized toothbrush | 
€ 65.00