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KinderDent Children's Dental Bench (without Dental Unit)

KinderDent Children's Dental Bench (without Dental Unit)

Dental chairs for children as loungers were developed in the 1960s in the United States. About the same time as recognition of the 'Pediatric Dental Specialist' was introduced in the USA. The original idea probably came originally from Asia, where in the past patients were traditionally treated while lying on the floor. More than 6000 children's dental chairs are in use today worldwide. The children's dental chair can be very easily customised and can be adapted to the body height and other ergonomic requirements without any problem. Height, length and width of the loungers can be individually adjusted.



The soft-cushioned children's dental chair can be conveniently adjusted depending on the size of the patient and other ergonomic needs! The following modules of our children's dental chair are variable:

1. Metal body

2. Reclining surface

3. Head area

4. Lighting

5. Air-controlled treatment unit

6. Suction unit

7. Connection box

8. Decoration

9. Metal steps

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