Burs / Polisher

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1. One nylon polishing brush, which can be used for coronal polishing.

2. Three round burs with grooves which ensure very low vibration during use – for caries excavation in the sizes small, medium and large.

3. One small, pear-shaped tungsten carbide cutter for the preparation of Class I and II fillings in deciduous molars and young permanent teeth.

4. One diamond, which is suitable for trepanation of deciduous teeth.

5. Two diamonds (medium coarse) for the preparation of steel crowns.

6. Two fine diamonds (if required, a tungsten carbide finisher for contouring, smoothing and pre-polishing of glass ionomer cement, compomer or composite fillings).

7. One Arkansas stone, which is also suitable for preparing fillings made from modern materials.

8. One fissure preparation instrument, which is very tissue conserving (for extended fissure sealing).

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