Magic Worm

€ 13.60
30 pieces |
(€ 0.45 / piece)
Colour: coloured

Skill game and magic

Magic worm - a successful distraction and a great giveaway for small and large magicians. Magic worm is made of plush and available in different colors. With his googly eyes, he also looks too cute. The little worm is attached to a transparent thread. So you can magically pull the worm around. Attach the thin, almost invisible, nylon string to a belt or trouser button, for example, and let the magical worm perform his tricks. So he can crawl through your fingers or you lure him out of a container, e.g. a glass.

Your spectators, especially children, will watch in amazement. With a little practice, the magic will come easily and you will be able to focus the attention of your enthusiastic spectators only on the lively worm. No one will then discover the thin thread so quickly.

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