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MTA Fillapex

MTA Fillapex

MTA FILLAPEX is a bioceramic root canal sealer based on MTA (mineral trioxide aggregate).

MTA Fillapex is an endodontic sealer, while MTA Reparative is indicated for the treatment of perforations, root resorption, apical plug and pulp capping.


  • Biocompatible
  • High radiopacity
  • Excellent flow
  • Setting expansion
  • Ions Calcium Release
  • Paste X paste System
  • Working time: 23 minutes and Setting time: 130 minutes
  • Easy removal


  • Fast tissue recovery without causing inflammatory reactions
  • Great radiographic visualization
  • Allows filling of accessory canals
  • Perfect sealing of the conduts
  • Helps in the quickly recovery of bone and cementum formation
  • Easy to use
  • Allows adequate time for endodontists and general practitioners
  • Easy removal with citrus oils and chloroform solvents.
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MTA Fillapex

MTA Fillapex 4g

Sku: 8270

1 syringe (4 g), 15 automixing tips and 1 mixing pad | 
€ 26.90

MTA Fillapex

MTA Fillapex 30g

Sku: 8260

1 tube of base paste (12 g), 1 tube of catalyst paste (18 g) and 1 mixing pad | 
€ 63.70