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MTA Fillapex

MTA Fillapex

A MTA-based sealer for root canal fillings.


• Easy handling: the paste/paste presentation and the auto mixing tips provide a perfect dosage and superbly homogenized cement
• Excellent flow: allows filling of accessory canals
• Working time: The obtained time of 35 minutes is perfectly adequate to follow all steps of endodontic filling technique, especially in cases of teeth with multiple root canals
• Adequate setting time: 130 minutes (with a variation of +/- 10 minutes)
• High radiopacity means great radiographic visualisation
• Low solubility: maintenance of filling integrity and better sealing capacity
• Easy removal: it may be removed if reentry is necessary.


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MTA Fillapex

MTA Fillapex 4g

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MTA Fillapex


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