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NuSmile NeoMTA 2

NuSmile NeoMTA 2

NeoMTA 2 was developed with clinicians in mind to be easier to mix, whiter/brighter with higher radiopacity, and as always a cost-effective, multi-purpose root and pulp treatment material for every procedure.

Everything you love about NeoMTA, but better!

1. 30% Higher radiopacity
    - 6.5 vs 5.0 mm Al equivalent
    - Competitors only 3-5mm Al

2. Designed to be easier to mix
    - Improved gel formula allows for easier mix

3. NeoMTA 2 is a brighter white

Ideal For Pediatric Pulp Therapy
Pulpotomies, direct and indirect pulp capping and apexification

Optimized For Pediatric Dentistry
Non-staining, radiopaque formulation is quickly washout resistant and sets much faster than other MTAs

BioActive and Non-Toxic
Causes precipitation of calcium phosphate, promoting dentinal bridging

Excellent Handling
Mixes to a putty-like consistency, easy to apply

Pure MTA
Pure MTA containing no resin, unlike hybrid MTA/resin product blends

Non-Staining, quick setting &
    - Does NOT contain Bismuth Oxidet
    - 14 minutes working & setting time

NeoMTA products are immediately wash-out resistant. You can gently rinse and complete the restoration or cement a crown, immediately after placing NeoMTA products. NeoMTA 2 has 0% loss of weight.

MTA is replacing Formocresol

  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Forms calcium hydroxide during setting and induce the formation of hydroxyapatite
  • Alkaline pH for bioactivity
  • Induces reparative dentin and antibacterial properties
  • Radiopaque
  • Excellent sealing
  • Non-staining
  • High washout resistant
  • Ideal working and setting time
  • RESIN FREE for maximum bioactivity

NeoMTA 2 is a testament to NuSmile’s dedication to innovation

  • Contact with pulpal or apical tissue
  • All the most common pediatric pulp therapy procedures:
        -  Pulpotomies (the most common pediatric pulp therapy)
        -  Direct and Indirect Pulp-capping (popular)
        -  Apexification (sometimes)
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NuSmile NeoMTA 2

NuSmile NeoMTA 2 - Introductory Kit 0,5 g

Sku: 2093

0,5 g Powder and 1,0 ml Gel | 
€ 24.90

NuSmile NeoMTA 2

NuSmile NeoMTA 2 - Starter Kit 1,0 g

Sku: 2094

1,0 g Powder and 2,0 ml Gel | 
€ 45.50

NuSmile NeoMTA 2

NuSmile NeoMTA 2 - Professional Kit 2,5 g

Sku: 2095

2,5 g Powder and 4,0 ml Gel | 
€ 109.00