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SDR® flow+

SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ is the improved next generation of the leading and still unmatched flowable bulk-fill material SDR.

The stress-decreasing SDR technology provides 4mm bulk placement in flowable consistency for excellent adaptation and self-leveling, and is still unmatched within the bulk-fill category. With more than 50 Mio. applications worldwide and successful 5 and 6 year clinical study results, the SDR technology has proven time and again its ability to allow a faster and easier creation of reliable Class I and II restorations.

Additionally, its handling properties make it ideal for several other indications, such as the treatment of primary posterior dentition, pit&fissure sealant, post-endodontic restorations and even core build-up.

The upgraded formulation of SDR flow+ adds even more versatility. By providing an increased wear resistance SDR flow+ expands its range of indications by including Class III and V restorations as well, while also adding more esthetic options for creating Class IIs and primary posterior dentition.

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SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ Intro Kit

Sku: 3032

45 x 0.25 g SDR flow+ Compula Tips, Universal Shade; 1 x 2.5 ml Prime&Bond active; 1 x CliXdish; 1 x Illustrated Technique Guide; 1 x Compules Tips Gun; 1 x Storage Box | 
€ 168.90

SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ Compula Refill Universal Shade Pack15

Sku: 3040

Refill 15 x 0,25 g SDR Compulas Universal Shade | 
€ 49.50

SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ Compula Refill Universal Shade Pack 50

Sku: 3033

Eco-Pack Refill 50 x 0,25 g SDR Compulas Universal Shade | 
€ 146.90

SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ Compula Refill A1 Pack 15

Sku: 3041

Pack 15 x 0,25 g Compula A1 | 
€ 49.50

SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ Syringe Refill Universal 2x1g

Sku: 130 G

Pack 2 x 1 g SDR flow+ Syringe Universal | 
€ 26.90

SDR® flow+

SDR flow+ Syringe Tip Refill

Sku: 111 G

Pack 60 Syringe Tip Refill | 
€ 18.90