T-Bands Matrices Messing Narrow

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Economical matrices not requiring additional retention. Made of pliable, thin brass they will not break or tear when condensing filling materials. Anatomically curved and narrow for deciduous teeth.

The T-shaped brass matrices are particularly suitable for the filling therapy of milk teeth. Laid on edge, they can be easily adjusted and are so thin that a tight contact point is achieved.

 Self-supporting matrix bands that do not require matrix holders.

 “T” bands are made from soft, conformable brass material (.002″/.05mm thick) and are available straight or curved, narrow (5/32″/ 4mm).

 "T" bands do not break or tear when condensing amalgam and are particularly popular for use in pediatric dentistry.

Info: T-Band matrices are ideal for deciduous teeth. Children often think Toffelmire matrices are like 'vices' and therefore find them unpleasant. The small T-Band matrices produce better results and adjacent fillings with a tight contra point can even be placed simultaneously.

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